Movies Online Yuri is currently living together with his fiancee ahead of half a marriage. The company also left the company. I think of a modestly happy newly-married life, I make a cooking fee every evening and I am welcoming the future husband. However, there is one mail there. From the master who broke up two years ago, it was a sudden training order. Although it was a lily just decided to walk a true life, I remembered the pleasures of shameful exposure training from my husband -ゆりは現在、結婚を半年後に控えて婚約者と同棲中。会社も寿退社した。つつましくも幸せな新婚生活を思い浮かべ、毎晩手料理を作り、未来の旦那様をお迎えしている。しかし、そこへ一通のメールが。2年前に別れたご主人様から、突然の調教命令だった。まっとうな人生を歩もうと決意したばかりのゆりだったが、ご主人様からの羞恥露出調教の快感を思い出してしまい―― by