Watch Jav on-line The crowded educate turned into cramped, stuffy and depressed, however it grew to become round after a beautiful wife (judged by way of the marriage ring) to journey at the equal time, the crowded train everyday become the maximum amusing of the day It turned into. in the future, Asano felt happy in finding the arrival of a married female inside the train as usual, but also observed that something is extraordinary inside the midst of a short second. A married female whom he popular had seen a pervert while he become watching the country! Asano strategies if she does now not shield his married girl from molest.満員電車は窮屈で息苦しく憂鬱な時間だったが同じ時間に乗り合わせる綺麗な人妻(結婚指輪で判断)に好意を寄せるようになってからは一転、毎日の満員電車がその日一番の楽しみに変わっていた。ある日、浅野はいつものように電車内に人妻の姿を見つけよろこびを感じたのも束の間、何か様子がおかしいことに気付く。様子をうかがっているとなんと憧れの人妻が痴漢に遭っていた!浅野は人妻を痴漢から守らなければと近づくのだが…。 via