Watch Jav Online 일본어 AV 아이돌 I liked my company's boss and my family invited me to a hot spring trip. My wife was not very enthusiastic, but as I succeeded I persuaded him that there was a promotion and headed for an invited ryokan. I arrived and thought that I greeted my boss's wife, but the one who was there was two girls in the affairs who are rumored to be the boss's mistress in the company and the senior leader. I was perplexed, but this time we decided to respond by couple and adults, and to survive. I was a bit aware of it, but it got excited as soon as sake also entered. The girls were so weak that they were so weak that they were surprised and it was useless, so I decided to give my wife the opportunity to take care of my boss. My boss is in a good mood, gradually going down to the topic. My boss began to say I wanted to see a place where other people are SEXing. I was dismayed by sudden things, but my wife is supposed to act in front of my boss, with responses that the owner is OK because he is sitting or the act of a couple, Sisters….会社の上司に気に入られ、家族で温泉旅行にと誘われた。妻はあまり乗り気ではなかったが、上手くいくと昇進もあるかもと説得し、招待された旅館へと向かった。到着し、上司の奥様に挨拶と思っていたが、そこに居たのは社内で上司の愛人と噂されている事務の女の子2人と先輩主任。戸惑ったが、ここは夫婦で大人の対応をし、乗り切る事にした。少し気まづかったが、お酒も入り次第に盛り上がっていった。女の子達はびっくりするほどお酒に弱く、仕方ないので、妻に上司のお酌をさせる事にした。上司はご機嫌になり、次第に下の方の話題へ。上司は他人がSEXしてる所をナマで見たいと言い始めた。突然の事で狼狽した私だが、妻は肝が座っているのか、夫婦の行為なのだからと大丈夫と、訳のわからない対応で、私達夫婦は上司の目の前で行為をする事になってしまい…。 by