Movies Online Takashi Takashi, a student who was just idle and did not study, and teacher Tutor Ikari of the family tutor had quarreled today. The moment when the emotions of two people exploded ... The inside of each other has been exchanged! Takashi's libido who got a beautiful woman's body goes out of control day by day and worries about the feeling of women, but notices a certain thought in myself. The decision that the two had made to return to each other .... ★ To purchase items of adult book "Furukawa Iori Photo Collection" from here ★勉強もせず怠けてばかりの男子校生たかしと家庭教師のいおり先生は今日も喧嘩をしていた。2人の感情が爆発した瞬間…なんとお互いの中身が入れ替わってしまった!美しい女性の体を手に入れたたかしの性欲は日々暴走し女の気持ち良さにハマっていくが、自分の中のある思いに気付く。2人が互いの体に戻る為にした決断とは…。★アダルトブック「古川いおり写真集」の商品ご購入はこちらから★ by