Movies Online Yuji, a child of the concubine, lost her parents and was taken over by her wife, Hanako. Akiko Hanako was blessed with a child, and that was caused by her father - in - law. AYAKO's younger sister Ayaka worried about, using plans of Yuji's plan to propose that Hanako was living a child of her husband. Hanako who refused at first, but the instinct of a woman begins to suffer a young and powerful cock .... It is a target item "price guarantee of reservation goods". For details, please click here. "Convenience store receipt" target item. For details, please click here.妾の子である佑二は両親を亡くし、本妻である花穂子のもとに引き取られた。花穂子は子に恵まれず、それが原因で義父に冷遇されていた。心配した花穂子の妹・彩香により、佑二の精子を利用して花穂子が夫の子を身篭っていた事にする計画が提案される。最初は拒んだ花穂子だったが、若く力強い男根に女の本能が疼きはじめる…。「予約商品の価格保証」対象商品です。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。「コンビニ受取」対象商品です。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。 by