Watch Jav online The third hypnotic ray collection! This stage is a preparatory school wherein college students acquire! The wings of the hero are incredible in grades and pinnacle class even in preparatory schools. three months in the past I were given familiar with Aoi (virgin) who's that lady friend in a preparatory school. Ronin Biri's Ronin Hotta Hotta knows the electricity of hypnosis of Yamada of the preparatory officer. Yamada and Hotta will drop the wings, Aoi, Ikeda of the initial student Fumi · Nami trainer to the bottom of the abyss by way of the power of hypnotic ray. 催眠光線シリーズ第three弾!今回の舞台は受験生たちが集まる進学予備校!主人公の翼は成績優秀で、予備校でもトップクラス。その彼女である葵(処女)とはthreeヶ月前に予備校で知り合い付き合うことになった。成績ビリの浪人生堀田は、予備校用務員の山田の催眠の力を知ることになる。山田と堀田は催眠光線の力で翼、葵、予備校生のふみ・なみ講師の池田を奈落の底へとつき落としていく…。 through