Movies Online Chaoyang, who was raising her only son in a mother's family, falls in love with a man he met in part and remarried. Although living together with my father-in-law was a condition of remarrying, my father-in-law gave me a lot of debts that I made to live, so I accepted living together. Four new family members were sending happy days. One day, Chaoyang witnesses her stepfather sucking his son cocking his cock. A furious trembling bride also attacks to lay asleep, the father-in-law who makes a morning sun. Chaoyang, which has been kept lying by his father-in-law since this day, gradually drowned in the cock of his transfiguration father ... ... 母子家庭で懸命に一人息子を育てていた朝陽は、パート先で知り合った男性と恋に落ち、再婚する。義父と同居する事が再婚の条件であったが、生活する為に作ってしまった多額の借金を、義父に肩代わりしてもらえた事もあり、同居を快諾。新たに出来た家族4人で幸せな日々を送っていた。そんなある日、朝陽は、義父が息子にチンポをしゃぶらせている様子を目撃する。怯え震えている嫁も寝取ろうと襲い掛かり、朝陽を犯す義父。この日以来、義父に寝取られ続けた朝陽は、次第に変態義父のチンポに溺れていくのであった…。 by