Watch Jav Online ดู หนัง โป๊ Yuma is a female teacher who is preparing for retirement from marriage. The thin white legs that can be seen through from stockings are the focus of attention for boys! Students who hate happiness and are transformed into strong hate. Being abducted at school and confined in a non-popular classroom continues to be violated by male desires. Restrained by a rope, worn around with a collar, crawling around, crawling over and over again, transformed into a sex slave!結婚退職を控えた女教師ゆま。ストッキングから透けて見える細く白い脚は男子生徒の注目の的!幸せを妬み、強い憎しみへと変貌していく生徒達。学校で拉致され、人気のない教室に監禁されると雄の欲望に犯され続ける。縄で拘束され、首輪を着け四つん這いで這いずり回り、何度も顔射され、性奴隷へと変貌させられる! by JavFast, Javfinder