Movies Online Kanna who is attractive like a puppy with a smiley smiley face and a decorative personality. Even during the erotic season, she smiles at her innocent smile, and she falls in love with the beauty that seems to be comfortable. It is Moe SEX becoming captivated by the gap between adult-like appearance and pretty character.仔犬のような人懐っこい笑顔や飾らない性格が魅力的なKannaちゃん。エッチ中もそんな彼女のあどけない笑顔にキュンとしたり、さわり心地の良さそうな美体に見惚れてしまいます。大人っぽい容姿と可愛らしいキャラクターとのギャップに虜になってしまう萌えSEXです。 by