Watch Jav Online Niece who lost her husband in an accident has sent a Yu岐 and two people living a stepchildren of her husband. In fact, mutually aware of each other also niece also Yu岐 from his lifetime of her husband as the opposite sex, I was in love. But whether the father of death was a shock, Yu岐 has come down in the often muffled in the house. Mei was planning a hot spring trip concerned about such a Yu岐.夫を事故で亡くしためいは、夫の連れ子である悠岐と二人暮らしを送っている。実は夫の生前からめいも悠岐もお互いを異性として意識し合い、愛し合っていた。しかし父親の死はショックだったのか、悠岐は家に篭りがちになってしまった。めいはそんな悠岐を気遣って温泉旅行を企画した。