Watch Jav on-line it is Mina. i'm 19. i'm going to a junior university now. I do not have a boyfriend. It isn't about six months. however i've some announcing so because i have a sefure. to date i have had intercourse with about 8 human beings, however my boyfriend is 3 of them. My first enjoy is 17 years antique. My boyfriend turned into relationship at high school. It did now not harm in any respect. A atypical etch ... i've observed within the assembly room. due to the fact the alternative birthday party changed into a company employee .... i am told that she seems to be grown-up, however absolutely i love her lots. That factor. Mina 's pretty smooth pores and skin and sensitive slender frame are horrible erotic Mina. Tataratu speakme Otori-chan, however horny look after the erotic transfer is a ought to-see. it's far a book that seems very amateurs and is vibrant and desirable to go through in a terrific way 『ミナです。19歳です。今は短大に通ってます。彼氏はいません。半年ぐらいいません。でもセフレがいるのでたまにヤッたりしてます。今までは8人ぐらいとセックスしたことありますが、そのうち彼氏はthree人です。初体験は17歳です。高校生の時に付き合ってた彼氏です。全然痛くありませんでした。変ったエッチは…会議室でヤッた事あります。相手が会社員だったので…。大人しそうって言われますが、実は結構好きです。』とのこと。色白スベスベのお肌と華奢なスレンダーボディがなんともエロいミナちゃん。タラタラしゃべるおっとりちゃんですがエロスイッチが入った後の色っぽい表情は必見。いい意味でとても素人らしくて生々しくて抜ける一本です。 by way of