Watch Jav online セックス エロ it's far the closing if weak point is grasped. I had a big titties wife, but I owe it my debt due to breaking the treasure of the village. in place of paying again debts, I determined to lend my wife to a collection of community institutions ....within the nation-state, courting with the environment is crucial. within the closed society the community affiliation has absolute strength.田舎では周囲との付き合いが大事である。閉鎖社会では町内会が絶対権力を持ち、弱みを握られたら最後。巨乳妻を持つボクでしたが、村の宝を壊してしまったことで借金を負ってしまいました。借金返済の代わりに妻を町内会の集まりへ貸し出すことになったのですが by means of