Watch Jav Online Her husband is a manager of a top-class company, Fumiko, who lives comfortably in an affluent residence, and conducts English conversation classes. If there are complaints, is it about sending lonely days on the overseas business trip of the husband? One day a masseur was called home, and while receiving treatment, Fumiko had a dream that would be attacked as it is. The excitement invites him himself without getting cold, and the days of SEX pickle start 夫は一流企業の部長、豪邸で何不自由なく暮らし、英会話教室を細々とやっている文子。不満があるとすれば、夫の海外出張で寂しい日々を送っていることぐらいか。ある日マッサージ師を自宅に呼び、施術を受けている最中、そのまま襲われてしまう夢を見た文子。その興奮が冷めずに自ら彼を誘い、SEX漬けの日々が始まる…。 by JavFast, Javfinder