Watch Jav on-line AV original Collaboration Shiho (Sakurai Aya) who had a glad home and was having a glad lifestyles with her husband · Kazuyuki. one day her husband added his boss Takagi and Tanabe to his house. Takagi is a conduct that can't be idea of as a md, he's a so-called "Chara man" however he is the son of the president, threatening Shiho while he can husband her husband, touched the frame. well Kimiyuki is boss' s Takagi, there's not anything to do earlier than Mr. Tanabe of accurate physique, Shiho will disappear to the bedroom of the worst Chara guy and her husband for her husband ... ...念願のマイホームを手に入れ、夫・和之と幸せな日々を過ごしていた志穂(桜井彩)。ある日、夫が上司の高木と田辺を自宅に連れて来た。高木は上司とは思えぬ振る舞いで、いわゆる『チャラ男』だが社長の息子で、夫を首に出来ると志穂を脅し、身体に触れてきた。気の弱い和之は上司の高木、体格の良い田辺の前になすすべもなく、志穂は夫の為に、最低なチャラ男と夫婦のベッドルームへと消えて行くのだった…。 with the aid of