Watch Jav on-line AV Married woman 10 years due to the fact getting married ... recently, Mr. Momoko who is not doing well along with her husband is assembly once more with Yamashita who once was with a reunion alumni after a protracted absence. Yamashita additionally lives by living by myself as a single employee, and with the loneliness and the electricity of sake each other steadily the two will shorten the space. And Yamashita who despatched Momoko inebriated with liquor could not hold her emotions and hugged Momoko. Momoko also enthusiastically entangled his legs together with her lovey caress that Yamashita changed into deeply in such Yamashita, and widely wide-spread it with close touch with the sweaty body ... ...結婚して10年…最近、夫とうまくいってない桃子は久しぶりの同窓会でかつて付き合っていた山下と再会する。山下も単身赴任で一人暮らしをしていて、互いに寂しさと酒の力もあり次第に二人は距離を縮めていく。そして、酒に酔った桃子を送った山下は気持ちを抑えきれずに桃子を抱きしめてしまうのだった。そんな山下の激しくも深く愛に満ちた愛撫に桃子もまた脚を絡ませ汗ばむ肉体を密着させて受け入れていくのだった…。 by way of