Watch Jav on line Jav Censored A lady who objectives a woman with a camera within the town · Yui. The situation is Kanako Maeda, 30 years antique, married wife. Yui is "Fareweller" and this time the goal is Kanako. The client is my husband. My husband desired a girl and wanted to break up along with his wife. completed the survey and the yu who regarded earlier than Kanako exceeded over the business card on the same workplace as her husband and informed her husband turned into cheating. And whilst kissing Kanako, Yui will commit suicide forcibly. It deprives me of the electricity to face up to aversion to guys and offers satisfaction to Kanako. I do not even recognise that Yui is parting.街中で一人の女性をカメラで狙う女・結衣。被写体は前田可奈子30歳、人妻。結衣は「別れさせ屋」で今回のターゲットが可奈子なのだ。依頼主は夫。夫は女ができ、妻と別れたがっていた。調査を済ませ可奈子の前に現れた結衣は夫と同じ職場の名刺を渡し、夫が浮気をしていると告げる。そして、可奈子にキスをすると結衣は強引に犯していく。男への嫌悪感が抵抗する力を奪い可奈子に快感を与える。結衣が別れさせ屋とも知らず…。 by using