Watch Jav on line assessment: S due to the fact a thin mosaic is striking on the face, I think that it isn't always clear however surely an honestly beautiful lady. moreover, because the body is likewise erotic and exquisite, it's far a pity that there may be a mosaic on the face even extra. assessment: S isn't this pretty beautiful? My body is likewise erotic and its contents are best! (^ ^)! there is not anything to say about it, but thin mosaic is striking on the face it is a pity there may be no voice! next time I want you to be revived with a crowd even a little expensive (^ ^ ゞ 評価:S 薄いモザイクが顔にかかっているので、鮮明ではないが確かに絶世の美女だと思う。 さらに、カラダもエロく美しいので、なおさら、顔にモザイクがあるのが残念でならないです。 評価:S これはかなりの美人じゃないでしょうか~ 身体もエロくて内容もバッチリ!(^^)! 生出しで言うことはないけど薄く顔にモザイクが掛かっているのと 声がないのが残念です! 次回は少し高額でも顔出しで復活して欲しいですね(^^ゞ by way of