Watch Jav online Jav Drama Kimikawa" who works for teaching practice witnesses Saeki ingesting within the club room and makes it a problem without overlooking! Saeki 's parents are effective people of the locals and connect problems to themselves and power "Kimikawa" in reverse! despite the fact that attempting to steer them to admit to Saeki.教育実習に励む「きみかわ」は部室で飲酒している佐伯達を目撃し見逃さず問題にする!佐伯の親は地元の有力者で難癖をつけて逆に「きみかわ」を追い込む!佐伯達に自白するよう説得を試みるも逆に手枷、猿轡をはめられ体育倉庫で抵抗むなしく犯されてしまう with the aid of