Watch Jav on line My wife goes on a employer experience. truly i am afraid that I do not pass because i am clearly considering the uncommon beauty of drinking habits. I worried that I decided to make my video call to my spouse and document the scenario. It turned into time for promises, incoming from Sumi. meditated at the cellphone, the spouse of a yukata dressed like a cowboy who gets under the influence of alcohol and loses herself, and guys like a crowd of kemono. perhaps it may be stated that point is an issue of time ...?妻が社員旅行へ行く。酒癖の悪い希美のことを思うと正直いろいろと不安だから行かないで欲しいのだが。心配性の僕は妻に旅先でビデオ通話して様子をレポしてもらうことにした。約束の時間になり、希美からの着信。スマホに映るのは、ベロベロに酔っぱらって着崩れた浴衣姿の妻と、それに群がるケモノのような男たち…。もしかしてこれはヤられるのも時間の問題なのでは…?