Hielzo's first appearance of Hiiragi Ciel with exotic features! Moreover, he has appeared in the popular series After 6! As usual, Ciel-chan, an office lady who is busy with hard work, and Saffle-kun, who is a Gaten-type, appear to comfort Ciel-chan. Ciel-chan and Sefure-kun, who are excited by the smell of sweat, take care of their bodies, and immediately suck in the mochi. Sefure-kun who ejaculates in the mouth with a passionate blowjob of a hungry woman, next time it's time to make Ciel-chan feel good! Cunnilingus, finger man, 69 and Ciel-chan's o-nko is firmly inserted and inserted. After all, I'm in Cowgirl at the end! The dripping semen is erotic! !