Movies A popular series of "HEYZO teaching the severity of the world together with a cheeky girl" An obscene punishment with sexual girls "Nichinobu slender girl" Konno Konno "appeared! Kyou Miyancho who is careless in front of me on walking smartphone, I will not be aware of the uncle who came from before and I will not be aware of it. Far from helping the fallen man, it demonstrates the sexual displeasure that makes the curse blame it on account of his dropped smaho. This, of course, I will buy a resentment of my uncle. A few days later, Kyou Minnan who visited the hospital due to poor physical condition, but what, the doctor was a man who was toppled over by Kyo Annin! Apricot Miyanchu who does not notice that, begins her reeding revenge! It is! 生意気なギャル共に世間の厳しさを教えるHEYZOの人気シリーズ「性悪ギャルに卑猥なお仕置き」にちっぱいスレンダー娘「今野杏美南」ちゃんが登場!歩きスマホで前方不注意な杏美南ちゃん、前から来るおじさんに気づかずぶつかっちゃいます。転倒したおじさんを助けるどころか、スマホを落としたことをおじさんのせいにして悪態をつく性悪ぶりを発揮。これじゃあ当然、おじさんの恨みを買ってしまいます。数日後、体調不良で病院を訪れた杏美南ちゃんですが、な、なんと、お医者さんは杏美南ちゃんに転倒させられたおじさんだった!そのことに気づかない杏美南ちゃんに対し、おじさんのエッチな復讐が始まる!! by