Movies Misuki Hirose who got a high reputation in the amateur work of the previous work appeared full of "HAMEZO series" this time! I usually work in apparel, on the day off I go to karaoke and also sing a K-pop singing ♪ ♪ Mizuki-chan feels discreet and even an innocent feeling. To get wet from the early stage with sex with a man of a long time. I'm pretty sure to insert with the camera eyes.前作の素人作品で高評価を得た、広瀬みづきちゃんが今回「HAMEZOシリーズ」に満を持して登場!普段は、アパレルで働いており、休みの日にはカラオケへ行きK-POPを熱唱するという一面も♪控えめで奥ゆかしささえ感じられるみづきちゃん。久しぶりの男の人とのSEXで序盤から濡れ濡れに。すかさずカメラ目線で挿入のおねだり。 by