Movies Let me say the attraction of adults, "Takako Sun" that appeared while wearing a magical atmosphere. From the talk in the car I could hear her life, sexual philosophy, but somewhat awkward atmosphere. When you arrive at the hotel and listen to the story you will find out the truth of astonishment. How, I met her eight years ago and I have sex. Although I rely on mentioning in the work about the details, anyway, it is quite a year and a month. Naturally there seems to be a big change also for her, only now leaving a side view. However, the reunion sex is the second person and it is perfect as an excitement material. It seemed to be the same for her, too wet with wet caresses and toys alone. I will welcome Chi-po at the ready. Rapid sex development as it is. Even after moving to bed, I will fill the years with gut sex which can be said as evidence that sighs and voices leaked every time I stick backwards. The last is a live vaginal cum shot past eight years. She seems to have burned out because of raw sex for a long time. It became a masterpiece based on the background, which we could not see so often. 大人の魅力と言いましょうか、妖艶な雰囲気を纏わせながら現れたのは”たかこサン”。車中でのトークからは彼女の生活、性的哲学が聞けましたが、どことなくぎこちない雰囲気。ホテルに到着して話を聞くと驚愕の真相が判明します。なんと、八年前に一度会ってセックスしているというのです。詳細については作品内での言及に頼りますが、ともかく八年と言えばかなりの年月。当然彼女の方にも大きな変化があったようで、今や面影を残すのみ。しかし、再会セックスとは乙なもので興奮材料としてはもってこい。それは彼女にとっても同じだったようで、軽い愛撫や玩具だけで濡れ濡れ。準備万端でチ○ポを迎え入れます。そのまま激しいセックスを展開。ベッドに移動してからも、奥を突く度に漏れる吐息や声が本気で感じている証拠と言える、ガチセックスで年月を埋めていきます。最後は八年越しの生中出し。彼女自身、生でのセックスが久しぶりという事もあって、燃え尽きた様子。中々お目にかかれない、バックグラウンドを拠り所にした名作になりました。 by