Watch Jav Online She had a bright and lively marriage and a good marriage. I want to learn English for diving from Miho, and I agree that I can not take my time if I have children. And when I have a smartphone show me how to go to the English conversation class, the figure of a black lecturer who is stuck more than necessary. Later, when I went to a meal in the English conversation class, I was informed that I could not go back even after the promised time, and I would go crazy with irritability and anxiety for the unsailable phone call.明るく活発な未帆と順調な結婚生活をおくっていた。未帆から趣味のダイビングの為に、英語を習いたいとの事で、子供が出来たら自分の時間もとれないと思い承諾。そして英会話教室に通い始める未帆の様子をスマホで見せてもらうと必要以上に密着している黒人講師の姿…。そして後日、英会話教室で食事に行くと連絡があり、約束の時間を過ぎても帰ってこず、電話にも出ない未帆に嫉妬と不安で狂いそうになってしまうのだった…。