Watch Jav Online A married woman and Shoko in a community living suffering from sexlessness with her husband. During masturbation that was overwhelming, she suddenly raised her face and eyes with middle-aged neighbor Nakata who was peeking through the window. She was relieved by Nakata's sincere character who later came to apology, and began to learn from him wishing to be a yoga instructor, "a pose that would help her couple at night." Two people who were not supposed to associate with each other will be in a relationship of fierce affair to the extent that they become sweaty in the wake of this witness of masturbation.夫とのセックスレスに悩む団地暮らしの人妻・祥子。切なさを持て余したオナニーの最中、彼女がふと顔を上げると窓から覗いていた中年の隣人・中田と目が合ってしまう。後日謝罪に来た中田の誠実な人柄に安心した彼女は、ヨガインストラクターを志す彼に「夫婦の夜に役立つポーズ」を習い始めるのだった。決して交わるはずではなかった二人はこの自慰の目撃をきっかけに後に汗だくになるほどは激しい不倫をする関係になる…。