Watch Jav Online It turned out to be that the body can not children, Married Airi was heartbroken in mind there is no word from her husband and went to the local away from home. Before that was married over the objections of the parents, and walking aimlessly without can return to the parents' home and took over the inn childhood encounter. Attracted to the tenderness of childhood was like that of his own, intersects immediately two people. Anyone each other asked again and again in the land of the frontier not to be disturbed also, tangling, continued alive as broken.子供ができないカラダということが判明し、夫からの心ない言葉に傷心した人妻・あいりは家を飛び出し地元へ帰った。親の反対を押し切って結婚した手前、実家に戻ることもできずに当てもなく歩いていると旅館を継いだ幼馴染と遭遇。自分のことが好きだった幼馴染の優しさに惹かれ、すぐに2人は交わった。誰にも邪魔されない辺境の地で何度も何度も求めあい、絡まり、壊れたようにイキ続けた。