Watch Jav Online The clothes are simple, the atmosphere seems to be an adult, the hobbies are watching movies and live movies at home, and a completely indoor group. Moreover, even if I made a boyfriend, it is a dry "Sena" -san who has not particularly hesitated because he is bored. It's such indoor & dry, but it's aggressive about sexual desire. The whistle is "more sexual than love," and it is leaked to acquaintances so often that it is nicknamed "more sexual than love." At one time there were five Saffles, one for each week, which means that at least five weeks had sex. 服装はシンプルめ、話し方も大人しそうな雰囲気、趣味は家で映画や実況動画鑑賞と、完全なるインドア派。そのうえ、彼氏を作っても、飽きたという理由で特に喧嘩したわけでもなく振ったこともあるドライな「せな」さん。そんなインドア&ドライなせなさんですが、性欲に関してはアグレッシブ。口癖は「愛より性よな」で、「愛より性よな・せな」なんてあだ名がつくほど、よく知人にそう漏らしている。一時期はセフレが5人いて、それぞれと週一で、つまりは最低でも週5でセックスしていたこともあったそう by JavFast, Javfinder