Watch Jav Online Planned now that pantyhose fetish director fell in love with the lower body of too beautiful Tsukasa 'and realized! Married woman Tsukasa, who works, suffered from the passing of marital life in her third year of marriage. At that time, I begin to work by combining the tag in Oshima and the in-house project who are also dissatisfied with the family. Two people in similar circumstances shorten the distance, and during overtime work one day .... It has become AV that pantyhose fetish image which seems to be transmitted to forbidden affair drama and smell is fused.パンストフェチ監督があまりに美しい‘葵つかさ’の下半身に惚れ込み実現した今企画!働く既婚女性つかさは結婚3年目で夫婦生活のすれ違いに悩んでいた。そんな時、同じく家庭に不満を持つ上司の大島と社内プロジェクトでタッグを組み仕事に取り掛かる。似た境遇の2人は距離を縮めていき、そしてある日の残業中に…。禁断不倫ドラマと匂いまで伝わるようなパンストフェティッシュ映像が融合したAVとなっています