Watch Jav Online It is for all you who have become comfort of a strange man -. A couple who was living a very happy life alone. One piece of photograph that smells a husband's 'black dating' shown to a man who calls her acquaintance of her husband one day. From this moment Aoi 's fall begins. Aoi who decided to work in customs to protect the present happy life. In order to satisfy sexual desire of strange men, also today I will hold a shame and accept meat sticks.見知らぬ男の慰めものになったのは全部アナタのためです――。夫婦二人きりとても幸せな生活を送っていた葵。そんなある日、夫の知人を名乗る男に見せられた夫の‘黒い交際’を匂わせる一枚の写真。この瞬間から葵の転落が始まる。今の幸せな生活を守るため、風俗で働くことを決意した葵。見知らぬ男たちの性欲を満たすため、今日も自ら恥部を開いて肉棒を受け入れる。 by JavFast, Javfinder