White skin, smooth black hair, personality is also modest, girly Miori-chan. It is cute to see the figure that asks for it by the body and the work more than the word. The hand is always touching the body of the man, and when it begins to touch the, it opens the foot gently, and the finger and the glance are also entangled during insertion, and it drowns in pleasure.白い肌にサラサラの黒髪、性格も控えめで女の子らしいみおりちゃん。言葉以上に体と所作で求めてくれる姿が可愛いです。手は常に男性の体に触れたままで、アソコを触られ始めるとそっと足を開き、挿入中は指や視線も絡ませながら快楽に溺れていきます。