Watch Jav Online Encounters from SNS and street pick-ups take time and often do not succeed. If you do such an inefficiency, it may be faster to ask your Yariman Bitch friend, "Introduce an erotic girl!" That person should be able to SEX (laughs). After SEX, you will be introduced to erotic female friends, and eventually the plan is to someday meet the erotic god. Since the last erotic girl, Hina-chan, was once disconnected from the rosary, this time I started with a spear search! Because of the pick-up limited to Yariman, the staff who struggles messed up, to stop the pick-up and take a break, when drinking coffee at the cafe, a phone call from an unknown number to the staff's mobile phone! For the time being, if you try to get out, the other person introduced you before, and at that time the girl was abandoned because the schedule was not right! If you are surprised, she suddenly says, “Can you SEX now?” When I asked about various circumstances, I refused the last time because it was not convenient, but when I heard that I could do SEX from my friend, I seemed to call me to do SEX now. This is also a situation where you wish or come true, so immediately acknowledge! To meet for the time being a little suspicious! And when you are waiting at the meeting place, you will see Chiharu, a small and cute little animal beauty! I didn't expect this kind of gem to come, so I went to the hotel right away. Immediately after having a talk, I can't imagine how cute Haruka-chan is from her cute appearance! He loves JIKO and says that he is excited by the reaction of JIKO at the moment of erection. To have you practice pride of fellatio immediately! Vacuum, Irama, no hand! Chiharu-chan enjoys the reaction of Ji-ko with various blowjob techniques! Even during fellatio, she drips with a dick. I can not stand it anymore and insert a big cock into a beautiful pre-shaved shaved pussy! Small and delicate Chiharu's body jumps like a fish with intense pleasure from a big cock! Chiharu-chan who keeps swinging himself while being too crazy and becoming half-crazy! Lastly, I put a semen on my cute face!SNSからの出会いやストリートナンパだと時間がかかる上に、成功しないことが多い。そんな非効率なことをするなら、ヤリマンビッチな友達に「エロい子、紹介して!」とお願いしたほうが早いのではないか?その方がSEXできるはず(笑)。SEXしたあとにエロい女友達を紹介してもらい、最終的にはいつかエロ神様に合うのが目的の企画。前回のエロい娘ひなちゃんで一旦数珠つなぎが途切れてしまったので今回はヤリマン捜索からスタート!ヤリマンに限定したナンパの為、滅茶苦茶苦戦するスタッフ、一旦ナンパを止めて休憩することに、カフェでコーヒーを飲んでいるとスタッフの携帯に見知らぬ番号から電話が!取り敢えず出てみるとなんと相手は以前紹介してもらい、その時は予定が合わず断念してしまった女の子!こちらがびっくりしていると彼女方からいきなり「今からSEXできますか?」と、とんでもない言葉が!色々と事情を聞いてみると前回は都合が合わず断ってしまったけど友達からSEXができると聞いて今すぐSEXしたいと電話をしてくれた模様。こちらも願ったり叶ったりの状況なのですぐに了承!少し怪しみながらも一応会ってみることに!そして待ち合わせ場所で待っていると現れたのは小さくてかわいい小動物系美人のちはるちゃん!こんな上玉が来るとは思っていなかったので話をそこそこにすぐにホテルへGO!早速ヤリマントークをしてみると、なんとちはるちゃんかわいい外見からは想像できない、かなりのド変態娘!チ○コをこよなく愛し、勃つ瞬間のチ○コの反応に興奮して涎が出ちゃうほどだと言う。早速自慢のフェラテクを実践してもらうことに!バキューム、イラマ、ノーハンド!多様なフェラテクでチ○コの反応楽しむちはるちゃん!フェラ中も涎をダラダラと垂れ流す。もう我慢できんと綺麗なプリプリパイパンおマ○コにデカチ○を挿入!小さくて華奢なちはるちゃんのカラダがデカチ○からの強烈な快感で魚のように飛び跳ねる!イキすぎて半狂乱状態になりながらも自ら腰を振り続けるちはるちゃん!最後はかわいいお顔にドロドロザーメンをかけてあげました!