Watch Jav Online Streaming JAV This work is a real documentary work that attracts lustrous sweet ladies. [Prolog] A 26-year-old housewife, Ayano who met in front of Odawara Station today. It is a cheerful and bright wife whose smile is wonderful. [Scene 1] Ayano is now in her second year of marriage, but today I asked him why he came to shoot, and it was for money. Ayano ..この作品は、色気溢れる甘美な淑女が魅せるリアルドキュメンタリー作品である。【Prolog】本日小田原駅前で待ち合わせたのは26歳の主婦、綾乃さん。笑顔が素敵な元気で明るい奥さんです。【Scene1】綾乃さんは現在結婚2年目だそうですが、本日なぜ撮影に来てくれたのか聞いてみると、お金の為とのこと。綾乃… by Javwide