Watch Jav Online JAV Jepang One room in a love hotel, men and women of various relationships, such a common point is that “record SEX”. Get the video and edit it about an hour. I asked for a "2 hour break documentary" about what kind of drama happened at a love hotel. Hina's (21 years old) girl of young popular No. 1 dancer of famous show club in Tokyo. A beautiful girl with an attractive smile and a swimming club that attracts men who visit the show club every day with the superb looks blessed with a beautiful style trained for six years in the high school. Such a face that she only shows to her boyfriend is seen this time. "Samu ~" said that she is sweetened by a man wearing many clothes内ラブホテルの一室、様々な関係の男女たち、そんな彼らの共通項は『SEXを記録する』こと。その映像を入手し、約一時間に編集。どんなドラマがラブホテルで起きたのか、『休憩2時間のドキュメンタリー』を覗いてみた。ひなの(21歳)都内の某有名ショークラブの若手人気No.1ダンサーの彼女。笑顔も魅力的な美少女で水泳部で中高の6年間鍛えたキレイなスタイルの恵まれた極上ルックスで日々ショークラブに訪れた男達を魅了している。そんな彼女が彼氏にしか見せない顔を今回は覗いていく。「さむ~い」と、露出が多い服を着て男に甘える彼女