Watch Jav Online Picking up in Shinjuku today! ! If it is finished before the meeting ... that it is the slender beautiful girl Miyuki-Chan who has accepted the interview about it! A female college student currently enrolled in the literature department in the third year of college. I'm not part of a circle, I'm part-time job four days a week at a tapioca shop. It seems that you are saving money with the goal of going abroad, but you are currently running out of money. It is fished for reward and reproduces confession to favorite person by looking at camera本日は新宿にてナンパスタート!!待ち合わせまでの間に終わるなら…ということでインタビューをOKしてくれたのはスレンダーな美少女みゆきちゃん!現在大学3年で文学部に在学中の女子大生。サークルには入らず、タピオカ屋さんで週4日アルバイトしているんだそう。海外旅行に行くことを目標に貯金をしているそうですが、現在は金欠中なようです。謝礼に釣られて、カメラ目線で好きな人への告白を再現したり by JavFast, Javfinder