Watch Jav Online 在线 视频 Since my mother died early, it has been my love for me to fall in love with my father who brought me up with a single hand and childhood friendliness. Sumire was a close childhood friend, but I had been dating for about a year and thinking about getting married to each other. And for the report of the marriage to my father, I set up a place to talk with the violet, but I did not notice that the condition of the father at that time was strange ...母親が早くに亡くなってから、落ち込む僕の支えになってくれたのは男手ひとつで僕を育ててくれた父親と幼馴染のすれみだった。すみれとはずっと仲の良い幼馴染だったが1年ほど間から付き合い、お互いに結婚を考えていた。そして親父に結婚の報告の為、すみれと3人で話す場を設けたのだが、その時の親父の様子がおかしい事に僕は気がつかなかった…。 by JavFast, Javfinder