Watch Jav online It became Miki who visited her husband's own family domestic in greeting of marriage, however her father-in-law and Tadashi have been her instructors. the space among the 2 people has reduced in size at a stroke with marvel and security, and a contented two-own family household begins dwelling collectively .... however, despite the fact that an avid husband loves Miki, there are not any activities and the comforting days are coming by myself with the aid of night time alone. Tadashi himself, who had already had an excessive amount of sexual choice, noticed it and told her that she could fulfill the sexual choice of Miki, and if she approached her...夫の実家へ結婚の挨拶に訪れた光希だったが、なんと義父・忠司は彼女の恩師であったのだ。驚きと安心で一気に二人の距離は縮まり、和やかな二世帯同居が始まり…。しかし、仕事熱心な夫は光希を愛してくれるものの、営みは一切なく夜な夜な一人で慰める日々が続くのだった。自身も有り余る性欲を持て余していた忠司はそれに気づき、光希の性欲を満足させるため、と言い聞かせて彼女に迫ると…。 through