Watch Jav Online One day that was hit by a record hot weather. Yumi who came back from shopping slides his hands with sweat and drops his luggage. Tamura of the neighbor came over there and they were picking up the fruits by themselves ... The sweat ran down from the neck of Yumi to the valley of the chest.記録的な猛暑に見舞われたある日のこと。買い物から帰ってきた由美は汗で手を滑らせ、荷物を落としてしまう。そこに隣人の田村がやってきて、二人で果物を拾っていると…由美の首筋から汗が胸の谷間に流れ落ちた。汗とともに吸い込まれるように田村の視線も由美の胸元に釘付けになる by JavFast, Javfinder