Watch Jav online Ryota who brought his senior Yukino who were given along nicely with his companion at domestic. It turned into my mom's ayaka that I could relaxation confident that my son who had in no way brought a chum to my house forgiven my coronary heart in Kono .... someday a long time ago, Yukino who regarded while Ryota was out turned into telling Aicha a surprising word. "Auntie ... isn't she lonely?" As a day by day existence her husband is absent because of her absence, I realized that i am comforting myself lonely myself, shaking up Ayaka. but, frustrated flesh did no longer face up to the carnal desire of younger and stubborn Yukino, and he drowned as he went alongside together with his instinct.バイト先で仲良くなったという先輩の幸野を家に連れてきた良太。今まで家に友達を連れてくることなどなかった息子が幸野に心を許している姿を見て安心する母の彩香だったが…。しばらく経ったある日、良太の留守中に現れた幸野が彩香に衝撃的なひと言を告げる。「おばさん…淋しいんでしょ?」毎日のように夫が不在がちなせいで淋しい自分を自分で慰めていることを悟られ、動揺する彩香。だが欲求不満な肉体は若くて逞しい幸野の肉欲に抗えず、本能の赴くままに溺れていくのだった。