Watch Jav Online My wife and her 5th year of marriage. I used to have sex every day, but soon after getting married my wife lost her sexual desire. I still had a sexual desire, but it was bad to ask a disgusting wife by force ... I thought it would be good if I was happy without sex. Until that day 妻とは結婚5年目。昔は毎日のようにセックスをしていましたが、結婚してすぐに妻は性欲が無くなってしまいました。僕はまだ性欲がありましたが、嫌がる妻に無理矢理求めるのも悪いし…セックスが無くても幸せなら良いのかなと思っていました。あの日までは…。 by JavFast, Javfinder