Watch Jav Online The destruction of the organization 'X' that killed the father. Naomi sneaked into "X" as an intelligence agent to fulfill its mission. A year of two years flows, winning the trust of the organization's boss · Sawaki, succeed in getting confidential information. One step after the destruction of 'X' ... But there are unexpected pitfalls coming here. My lover, my colleague Aoki, has been caught up because I am worrying about Naomi and approaching the organization. Naomi who got his identity by hiding Aoki was subject to sexual torture of the organization in front of her lover ....父を殺した組織「X」の壊滅。その使命を果たすべく諜報員として「X」に単独潜入した直美。二年の月日が流れ、組織のボス・沢木の信頼を勝ち取り、機密情報を入手する事に成功する。「X」の壊滅まで後一歩…しかし、ここにきて思わぬ落とし穴が…。直美を心配して組織に近づいてきた恋人で同僚の青木が…捕まってしまったのである。青木を庇った事で素性がバレた直美は恋人を前にして組織の性拷問を受けるのであった…。 by JavFast, Javfinder