Watch Jav on-line (First black ban lifting) "Black people come to our homestay in our residence" unexpectedly instructed from my father that day ... A black man named Thomas got here home. a totally shiny and cheerful man or woman. also added my boyfriend and had dinner together. once I drink an excessive amount of and i all at once wake up, things like a black puppy bottle ... "I want to find out about Japan" Thomas said so and so positioned a sole on my dickcoat. the first feeling that it regarded to be broken ... that black bar had a part of the glans head curved up(初黒人解禁)「ウチに黒人がホームステイに来るから」父親から突然言われて当日…家にトーマスという黒人がやってきました。すごく明るく陽気な人。彼氏も紹介してみんなで夕食。飲みすぎてふと目を覚ますと黒いペットボトルのようなモノが…「日本の事を学びたい」トーマスはそう言って私のアソコにソレをネジ込んできました。張り裂けそうになる初めての感覚…その黒い棒は亀頭の部分が上にカーブしていました。 via