Watch Jav online エロ Then he requested me for a guess. whether or not the female feels it with rope? I tried experimenting with my spouse ... If I did now not sense it with a rope, I concept that I do not should return debt ... I thought that wager become very high-quality for me. due to the fact a girl can not sense it with a rope. now not knowing that ... as a cause to lose my loved wife ....縄で女が感じるかどうか?奥さんを使って実験してみようと…もし縄で感じなかったら、借金は返さなくて良いと…その賭けは俺にすごく有利だと思った。縄で女が感じるはずがないからだ。それが…最愛の妻を失うきっかけと知らずに…。 through