This one produced by a director famous for perverts and insult play! Kaiharu Kai who gradually erases his past memories with a memory loss program. It seems that he can't hide his surprised expression by hearing from other prisoners about the facility. The content is that several people are trained as dark executioners every year, and are given the duty to execute humans who cannot be judged by law or law with confidentiality. However, anything that goes against unskilled humans and guards will be erased. The next morning, the guards line up the prisoners in front of the prison and sniff for hidden objects in the holes in the pussy and ass. The line of prisoners is disturbed by the director's words, Today's training should be changed to a torture room in a hurry. And to witness the execution of one prisoner. After the incense sticks are burned by the prisoner, the guard inserts three fingers into the prisoner's anus and stirs around. At the end of the insulting anal attack with a vibes, she pees and leaks her pee continuously and gets executed. After that, the guards give the prisoners a lewd game like a toy, and they play at the risk of their lives.