Seira Aikawa, the sexy half of the chest, teaches us English today! teacher! We want to teach erotic conversations that attract cute girls like teachers, rather than ordinary English conversations! e? Can I get drunk and drunk? If you say such a bold thing, you won't grow up in America! Will you be able to do it with Dr. Seira if you use that hand? Maybe (laughs) isn't that bad, teacher! I don't know anymore, so I'll show you with real skill! Let's try that crimson boobs! No, I'm so embarrassed ... Sensei! What do you say in English, a dull pussy that is thick and thick that you can't imagine from its neat appearance ?! In the normal position, the big breasts are fluttering, ha? Every time I get hit, I feel like I'm having a hard time panting in English and Japanese, so I feel like it's a good deal!