Watch Jav Online Today, Aya-chan is a beautiful girl with a cute smile. I met her at a ramen shop. She was sitting in the next table at a certain ramen shop famous for its spicy ramen. Apparently she is also a regular in the shop, intruding into the conversation where she was friendly with the store clerk ♪ I spoke with a light feeling, but I fell in love with the cuteness, I went to the next spear room to her I decided to do it ♪ A pure and serious look. And she looks shy. This doesn't seem to be straightforward ... Be cautious, cautious, try to get along with her, but it ’s easy to get L ● NE ♪ He / she ♪ reveals that he likes to do naughty things and likes SEX that can be squeezed around his neck. It looks like an innocent school that has succeeded in bringing it into the spear room, `` Aya ''-chan, an idol-class beautiful girl with a super lewd conten