Watch Jav online 일본야동 Mio, a honor student who's a category member at college, visited a college of a school refusing to go to high school. I supposed to steer him to come back to high school, but Mio might be surrounded by means of his residence. i used to be fiddled with my uncle of Gorozuki and the alternative guys of that group. Mio turned into resisting before everything, however while she gave up as "I can't get out of this residence anymore", a masochistic pleasure will develop from the returned of my frame. And it is still vaginalized until it gets engaged and in the end falls to such an quantity that it eliminates reason....学校でクラス委員をしている優等生の澪は、ある不登校の生徒の家を訪れた。学校に来るように説得するつもりだったが、澪は彼の家に囲われてしまう。ゴロツキの叔父や、その仲間の男たちと次々に弄ばれ…。始めは抵抗していた澪だったが、「もうこの家から出ることはできない」と諦めたころ、身体の奥からマゾな快感が芽生えていく。そして孕むまで中出しされ続け、やがて理性を無くすほどに堕ちていき…。 via