Watch Jav Online Cast: Toshiko Namiki Director: Nagira Kensaku Series: You forgive me .... Manufacturer: Attackers Label: Adult drama Genre: married couple single piece lying down / sleeping drama sample movie Product code: adn 193 I liked it so much and I got married. When I got married five years ago, I became sexless with my husband before, and Yuki was feeling loneliness but I could not say it to my husband. Meanwhile, Noriko 's childhood friend was divorced and asked for sexual separation outside her husband, and recently he was crazy about Mr. Oda, a business traveler. Yuki who was able to see through his true heart in Oda who accidentally matched his face ... such a day. 出演者: 並木塔子 監督: なぎら健造 シリーズ: あなた、許して…。 メーカー: アタッカーズ レーベル: 大人のドラマ ジャンル: 人妻 単体作品 寝取り・寝取られ ドラマ サンプル動画 品番: adn193 あんなに好きあって結婚したのに…。結婚してはや五年、いつしか夫とはセックスレスになり、有紀は寂しさを感じながらも夫には言えずにいた。一方、幼馴染の典子は割り切って夫以外に性的捌け口を求め、最近は出張整体師の織田先生に夢中だった。そんなある日、偶然顔を合わせた織田に本心を見抜かれた有紀は…。 by JavFast