Watch Jav online Risa Morito, 32 years vintage. Her profession is the president's secretary. even though he became a organization that joined the employer as a clerical office at the start, he become transferred to the secretariat phase because of the violent offer of the president, he said he have become a president's secretary. beautiful look of her a lot. quite facial, skinny and lengthy limbs stretching slack. lovely breasts to peep from the open chest with zakkuri. body line tight and tight from the waist to the buttocks. it's far a tremendous stunning woman whichever, and every body can see it. He took a secretary and as a count of path he was squatted by the president, and in the past there were intervals of being in love relationships ... the sex with the president is very transformational 森戸梨沙さん、32歳。彼女の職業は社長秘書。最初は事務職として入社した会社であったが、社長の猛烈なオファーにより秘書課に人事異動し、社長秘書として働くようになったという。それほどまでに美しい彼女の容姿。整った顔立ち、スラっと伸びる細くて長い手足。ザックリと開いた胸元から覗かせる美しい胸。腰からお尻にかけてのキュッと引き締まったボディライン。どれをとっても、そして誰から見ても超一流の美女である。秘書に就き、当然のように社長に口説かれ、過去には愛人関係となっていた期間もあったとか…社長とのセックスはとても変態的 by